Rule #1; don't be a dick.

It's a simple rule, isn't it?

Just don't be a dick.

Still lately I've seen that ït is a very hard rule for some people to follow, especially in the wonderful little sport of strongwoman.
Behaving like dicks because some does good in the sport? Because one doesn't agree on everything? Hashtagging "hatersgonnahate" on almost every single post posted ... seriously? I don't get it. Why is it so hard to just get along?

I just don't get it.

Strongwoman is a tiny little sport, a sport where I will guess we are a couple of hundred athletes all over the world - on all levels of the sport, from pro's to beginners. It should be so easy to support eachothers, even though we are competitors. And even though most athletes actually support eachother, there are some who comes in to the sport with an attitude that just sucks. You don't make friends that way, so why behave like a dick?

Ok ... I wasn't supposed to rant about this, but it frustrates me. It frustrates me because I love my sport and I want it to be fun.
And it is fun. It's so cool to be a part of a sport where you're actually cheering on your competitors, where you run back if you win an event and yell at the one you're in pair with to get that person over the finish line. It is fun to be a part of a sport where some of your best friends are your "worst" competitors. It is fun to make friends all over the world. It's fun to be able to travel the world to compete.

Let's keep the sport like this. When you as a fresh athlete come into the sport, be humble and polite towards those who has been in the game longer than you. When you as an experienced athlete meet fresh athletes, be humble and polite, and remember that you actually want them to have as much fun as you have had. It isn't hard for us who have been in the game for some years to be  friendly to newcommers. Most of us are anyway, but we can all need a little reminder once in a while. ;-)

Because ... if you enter the sport with an open mind and a friendly heart you will have fun. You did start as a strongwoman because it looked like a fun thing to do, didn't you? I know I did, and I have had loads of fun during my years as an athlete.
Don't behave  that you are queen of the world just because you're strong - World's Strongest Woman doesn't behave like she's queen of the fucking world, so why should you?

It's good to have ambitions. Ambitions makes you work harder, ambititons makes you more determinded. That's good. Continue to have ambitions. Just ...

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Kikki Berli-Johnsen

Kikki Berli-Johnsen

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