Rule #2 - can you just NOT FUCK UP for 20 seconds?

  Think about it:

How many times have you done everything right, and ended up screwing up a lift, a session or a comp?
Your training has been as planned, your eating, sleeping and recovery has been perfect. You got your shit together.

Ready to lift!

And then the doubt comes sneakin' along ... "will I be able to do this lift?"

Or the equipment puts you of your game ... "these farmers are so much lower than the ones I'm training with ... "

Or the ref has explained things differently than you expected ... "hey ... that's not the way I'm used to do it!"

Or you are feeling a bit unfocused ... "I wonder what we should have for supper tonight?"


Do you recognize yourself in this?

I do ... and for all of us who once in a while experiences this, Kirk Karwoski has a little something to tell us. And I agree ...

We should all be a little like Kirk ...


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Kikki Berli-Johnsen

Kikki Berli-Johnsen

8, Stokke

Journalist og forfatterspire med en stor lidenskap for styrketrening og med stor kjennskap til dietter, lavkarbo, kosttilskudd, sportsernæring, næringskonsentrater og profiler innen de største kraftsportene i inn og utland. Lykkelig, gift, mamma til to, strongwoman, skrotløfter, aktiv, skravlesjuk, tenkende, skapende, kjærlig, egoistisk, navlebeskuende, kverulerende, nær, varm ... skrivende. Alltid skrivende.