Rule #3 - don't let the nerves fuck up your performance

Once in a while we've all been totally devastated by competition nerves. Those stupid nerves hit you at the most terrible time, and they ruined the good sleep you needed the night before a competition. They made sure that you didn't eat as good as you should've done, and they have even ruined what could've been a perfectly good competition.

Fucking nerves!
Mess up a good thing like that. That's such a waste of time and energy.

Ok, let me be more specific. Competition nerves are good. They make sure that you are on the alert, that you are more focused on the task in front of you. It is when you let the nerves ruin for you they are devastating.

So rule #3 is simple; don't let the nerves fuck up your performance. You know they steal your time and energy, and at the same time you know that you don't have time and energy to waste just before competition. Instead of letting them ruin for you, make them your friend. Make them work for you, not against you.

Look at it like a conversation.

Your nerves: -"are you really strong enough?"
You: - "Yes, I am strong enough. I will show you!"
Your nerves: - "you will embarrace yourself when you fail tomorrow"
You: -"You sure?! I will prove you wrong. Just you wait!"

And then go out there, do your thing, show your nerves that you are strong enough, that you do have something to do on that arena, together with those athletes. Do exactly what you've been training for; have fun. Lift heavy. Have the best - at the most - 6 minutes of activity you've had in a long time.

And ... once you have done this one time, proven your nerves wrong ... the next time they come, you will remember that the conversation worked the last time. You will have it again, and you will prove the voice wrong again.

"Hello Nerves, my old friend. You've come to talk to me again?"

Bring it!


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Kikki Berli-Johnsen

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