Rule #4 - Have fun!

Do you remember how it was when you started to compete as a strongwoman? It was fun, wasn't it? A bit scary, but still fun. Everything was new and exciting, you felt like Superwoman and you couldn't wait to get to the gym.You felt the competition nerves, but when you came to comp it was just fun.

Somehow the feeling of fun disappears a bit along the road. It gets more serious. Competitions gets harder, competitors get tougher, you get tougher. You feel you have more to lose if you don't performe as good as you feel you should, you feel you owe the people who believe in you more than you did before.

It gets so darn serious.

Yes, you have to put some self pressure on yourself to performe the way you want to performe. And yes, that self pressure does take away some of the enjoyment, but still ...

You need to take back fun.


Give of yourself.

If you dance in between sets in training, dance at competition. Yes, people will look at you, but so what? Put your headset on, put on your favourite music and dance. Never mind if people are looking at you. Most likely they think you're awesome who dare to dance like nobody's watching.

If pig tails and chicken leg socks makes you happy at the gym, wear them at competitions. A happy you is a better you, and a happy you will make other people happy as well.

Give the crowd a piece of yourself. Be yourself. Shine through the shell. Be awesome!

When you meet those wonderful friends you've made during your years as a strongwomen, cuddle them. A good cuddle lasts at least 20 seconds, and we all know that a good cuddle makes you happy. And a happy you will have fun.

In conclusion to all of this, remember why you started, remember how much of a fun "hobby" it was. Don't let the self pressure to perform a certain way take away all the love and enjoyment of our beautiful sport. Sing out loud with your headphones on, scream out loud when you hit that PB in a comp, hug all your friend who live on the other side of the world and enjoy the after comp meal and gather photos ... after all you're creating wonderful memories to tell the grandchildren. 


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Kikki Berli-Johnsen

Kikki Berli-Johnsen

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